WhiteCap Order Form

WhiteCap Water Rescue Training, LLC is proud to be an authorized dealer of many types of water rescue equipment. Please find the order form of your choice below. We offer order forms in Adobe Reader® and Microsoft Word® formats. Please print out either form to enter the desired equipment and your order will be shipped out promptly.

Please note, on the Adobe Reader® form, you can type in the information in the appropriate fields prior to printing. Simply click on the field to enter the information, save the pdf to your desktop, and email the form to info@whitecaprescue.com.

If you prefer to print the order form and fax, please fax to 717-755-4231

WhiteCap Order Form
WhiteCap Order Form

It's Easy to Order from WhiteCap Water Rescue Training, LLC.

Contact WhiteCap Water Rescue Training, LLC
We are proud to offer a worldwide network of equipment. We are your first choice for local service and product support. Call the WhiteCap Sales Department at 1-717-801-9272. You may also visit WhiteCap’s website at www.whitecaprescue.com or email me at info@whitecaprescue.com

Government and Industrial Sales
Purchase orders are accepted from government and industrial facilities with prior approved credit. Order may be placed by phone, fax, or mail. For bids and quotations, contact the WhiteCap Sales Department at 1-717-801-9272. Fax us at 1-717-755-4231. 

Ordering Terms and Conditions
By placing an order the customer acknowledges agreement to the terms and conditions stated below and acknowledges having read and understood the important warnings listed below. The customer further agrees that the laws of the state of Pennsylvania shall apply to the purchase or any dispute arising therefrom.

Prices. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Sales Tax. There will be a 6 percent sales tax added to each order. If you or your agency is tax exempt, please forward a copy of your Tax Exempt form to WhiteCap Water Rescue Training, LLC.

Payment. Payments shall be in the legal tender of the United States. Shipments may be held up to three weeks for the check to clear the bank. All fees incurred in collecting a past due account are the responsibility of the purchaser. A $25 service fee will be charged for any check returned by the bank.

Shipping. Delivery to the carrier constitutes delivery to the customer. Visible damage should be reported to the carrier when the package is received. Please notify WhiteCap water Rescue Training, LLC of any problems immediately. Claims reported more than 15 days after receipt may be denied.

Return Policy. Contact WhiteCap Water Rescue Training, LLC for a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number before returning any merchandise for any reason. WhiteCap Water Rescue Training, LLC is not responsible for any merchandise returned without an RMA number. Returned merchandise will be inspected and may be subject to a restocking fee. Absolutely no returns on rope, web, web products, videos or sale items, unless the item was received in a damaged condition and an RMA number is requested within 5 days of receipt of shipment. On all other returns, an RMA must be requested within 15 days of the invoice date.

Adult Signature Required on Deliveries. Due to liability reasons, WhiteCpa water Rescue Training, LLC can only accept orders from adults. When an adult is making a purchase for a minor, it is the adult's responsibility to determine that the ordered items are appropriate and that adequate education and supervision will be provided. Proof of age may be required.

Shipping. Shipping charges are subject to change without notice. Most orders are shipped via UPS or Fed Ex as they are the most cost effective shippers.

Please read these Important Warnings. Many of the activities for which products are sold by Whitecap Water Rescue Training, LLC are used pose a very substantial risk of serious injury or death. Be certain you carefully review all of the following information. Products sold by WhiteCap Water Rescue Training, LLC are intended for use by professionals trained and experienced in the use, inspection, and maintenance of these products. Technical rescue, rappelling, climbing, and the training involved are very hazardous activities. Each situation has its own unique conditions and must be evaluated by those present. Effective risk management comes from experience, proper training, and good personal judgment.

LIMITS OF LIABILITY: WhiteCap Water Rescue Training, LLC is not liable for any damages arising from abuse or improper use of the equipment, failure to follow adequate safety precautions, or breach of the duty of either the purchases or user. Adequate training and judgement are needed to reduce the risks inherent in the use of this equipment. Since these risks are out of the control of WhiteCap water Rescue Training, LLC, the liability shifts to the user and purchaser.

DUTY OF PURCHASER AND USER: It is the responsibility of the purchaser and the user of the products sold by WhiteCap Water Rescue Training, LLC to:

Read the product instructions and labels and follow them. If you do not have a copy of the instructions.
Inspect the product immediately after purchase and before and after each use. Read the note on inspection below.
  Receive training in the proper use of the equipment and in the appropriate techniques. Proper training includes safety procedures, limitations of the equipment, inspection of the equipment, and risk management. If you are not competent in the use of the product, do not use it. See the note on training below.
Determine if the product is suitable for its intended use and that it meets all applicable standards and regulations. The manufacturer can provide assistance but cannot be expected to knowledgeable of all worldwide standards and regulations.
Use good judgement and do not exceed the limitations of the user's skill or of the equipment
Use adequate safety precautions including belays and backup systems. Practice risk management at all times.
Do not alter the product in any way. Repairs must be done only according to the manufacturer's instructions or returned to the manufacturer for repair. Alterations may void warranty.
If the purchaser is not the user of the product, the purchases must provide each user with a copy of this notice and the product instructions.

INSPECTION: Each department involved in rescue operations is expected to have a policy for inspecting high-angle life-support equipment. Inspection should be no less than after each use and inspections must be done by personnel that meet the department's training standard for inspecting life-support equipment. Inspection dates should be recorded on a tag attached to the equipment or in the equipment log. Each user should be trained in equipment inspection and should do a cursory inspection before each use.