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First Responder Package

This package equips the rescuer with the gear needed to safely conduct shore-based activities. From throwbag rescues to setting up downstream safety positions. Minimum training level: Swiftwater & Flood Operations First Responder.

Kit Includes:
1 Universal Rescuer PFD
1 RQ3 Max Wear Gloves
1 Booties, All-Terrain
1 RQ3 75ft. throwbag with poly
1 Protec Helmet
1 Fox 40 whistle
1 McNett Knife
1 RQ3 PPE Duffel (Not shown item# BG3500)

Kit Items: PF2210, GL8910, BO8800, BG3137, HL560, WH7905, KN5550, BG3500

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Basic Water Package

Ideal for a firefighter or police officer working around lakes, rivers, and canals. The items in this package should be in your responding unit or in the trunk of your patrol car.

Kit Includes:
1 U22 Agency Pro Lifejacket
1 Fox 40 Mini Whistle
1 McNett Knife
1 RQ3 75' Standard Poly Throwbag
1 Mesh Carrying Bag (not shown) Item: BG3087

Kit Items: PF2200, BG3087, WH7905, KN5550, BG3137

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Personal Rescue Equipment Package - Drysuit

Designed by Rescue Instructors, the Pro Package has head to toe PPE and the basic equipment each rescuer should carry in the field. Note: The OS System Nylon Drysuit is non-breathable that is required for compliance with NFPA standard 1952 on USAR operations.

Kit Includes:
1 Swiftwater Universal PFD
1 OS Systems Nylon Drysuit
1 Cascade Helmet
1 pair All-Terrain Water Booties
1 pair Shredder Fins
1 pair RQ3 Maxwear Gloves
1 Fox 40 Whistle
1 McNett Knife
-1 75' Standard Poly Throwbag

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Victim PPE Package

Seeing to it that all rescuers in the warm zone have appropriate PPE is hard enough, but we can't overlook the victims. Providing appropriate PPE for the victim will often be the deciding factor between a successful rescue and possible disaster. This kit provides the basic items needed for three victims in a convenient storage bag. Consider an extra package for command staff that won't stay out of the warm zone.

Kit Includes:
3 U22 Agency Pro PFD's
3 Protec Helmets
1 LSP Cinch Collar
1 RQ3 Heavy Duty Duffel

Kit Items: PF2200, HL560, RG1800, BG3195

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Water Rescue Footwear Package

Footwear has long been a problem for teams that can't afford to issue water rescue PPE to each individual. This package solves the problem for a crew by providing a range of sizes in a convenient storage bag. This kit also includes product and instructions for decontamination after each use. Customize your order to meet your specific size needs.

Kit Includes:
6 Pair NRS All-Terrain Booties
1 RQ3 Mesh Duffel
1 Wetsuit & Drysuit Shampoo

Note: All-Terrain Boot have whole sizes only.

Kit Items: 6 BO8800, 1 BG3195, 1 DS6100

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