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Mil Spec Webbing

The standard in 1" webbing, Mil-Spec tubular webbing is favored by climbers and rescue specialists for slings and anchor systems as it offers exceptional abrasion resistance. As it's name implies, Mil-Spec is also the standard webbing for military applications.

MBS of 4000 lbs (straight pull)
MBS of 6129 lbs (sewn loop)

Available in Purple, Black, Fluorescent Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Red

Sold by the foot or on spools of 300'.

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Tech Tape Webbing

TechTape is our premium 1" nylon webbing that features a smooth, denser weave and a higher tensile strength than standard 1" webbing.

MBS of 4496 lbs (straight pull)

Available in Blue, Orange, Black, Silver, Green, Yellow, Tan, Red, Purple

Sold by the foot or on spools of 300'

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