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Aquapac Waterproof Radio Bags

Aquapac's classic VHF radio cases are designed for everyday use. In addition to being waterproof they allow you to easily use your radio through the case. They also come with a neck cord and a carabiner for easy carrying.

Features Include:
--Suitable for both left & right hand antenna radios
--Guaranteed submersible to 15'/5m & keeps out the dust & sand too
--Use your radio normally in the case as sound & signal pass right through the case material
--The airtight seal means your radio will float safely if you drop it in water

Standard: Full length 13" , Body length" 7.2" , Max circumference 8.5" )
X-Large: Full length 16" ,Body length: 8.7", Max circumference: 8.5" )

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RQ3 Radio Harness & Waterproof Radio Bag

The RQ3 radio harness carries most standard size hand-held radios on the user's chest where it is protected from impact and yet easily accessible. It comes with the Aquapac Military Grade Waterproof Radio case to protect your radio from water, sand, and all the elements. The RQ3 harness can be used with or without the waterproof pouch, and the Aquapac radio bag comes with its own harness system to be used independently from the RQ3 harness. This 3 in 1 system covers it all. The RQ3 harness has a mesh back for cooler wearing and fully adjustable straps.

Color: Black

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Aquapac Waterproof Radio Harness
It floats!

The Aquapac waterproof radio harness is made of a new, military-spec, super tough reinforced material. It is guaranteed by the manufacturer to be 100% waterproof to 15' and is also dust and sand proof, which allows you to use your radio safely in all kinds of conditions. You can use your handset normally is the case with only minimal volume loss.

Color: Black w/clear front.

Features include:
--Comfortable shoulder straps
--foam padded rear section for extra comfort & protection
--can be used with both left and right hand antennas
--has a tough, 3 way adjustable harness and integral easy grab handle.

Radio Bag Sizes: Full length of Radio 13", Body length: 7.2", Max circumference 8.5")

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