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Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide

Swiftwater Rescue Field Guide is something that every emergency responder needs to have handy. Tough, waterproof and made to fit in a pocket, a glove compartment or an emergency response pack, this is the ultimate field reference to Swiftwater Rescue. If it has been awhile since you took your last Swiftwater Rescue course, you'll appreciate having this handy pocket reference to topics like:

Basic rescuer safety considerations
River hydrology
Shore-based, boat-based and in-water rescue techniques
Knots and rigging for river rescue
Incident command
Special situations like low-head dams and flood channel rescues
Urban flooding, including hazmat, flood channels, and storm water systems
Expanded rigging section
Drowning fact reference
Animal rescue in floods

It's written by Slim Ray, author of Swiftwater Rescue and an internationally recognized authority on the subject. 78 pages.

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Swiftwater Rescue by Slim Ray

Published by CFS Press

This is the most complete book yet on the theory and practice of swiftwater rescue. Written for the rescue professional -- firefighters, park rangers, rescue squad members and other EMS professionals -- it provides for the first time a complete, comprehensive, up-to-date reference on this important and fast-growing rescue discipline.

Rescuer Safety
Swiftwater Rescue Techniques

Quality paperback, 245 pages.

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Technical Rescue Field Operations Guide - 3rd edition

Now in its third edition, this guide covers a broad spectrum of incidents to which rescuers respond. Separation of the skills by Awareness, Operational and Technician levels help users perform within their training level. Checklists help organize planning, making sure all the critical elements are addressed. Pocket sized so you can keep it with you or in your equipment cache.

Highlights of this new edition include:
Shoring illustrations & procedures are updated to the 2002 Corp of Engineers Structural specialist manual
Pneumatic shores are added to the trench rescue section
A rescue medical section is added
Numerous updates & changes to all the sections.

160 pages.

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River Rescue Crib Sheet

These convenient 12" x 11" (6" x 3.5" closed) water resistant sheet has all the necessary info for rescuing your boat. Large clear drawings of all important knots and several systems: Z-drag, Vector Pull, C + Z and Double Z-Drag. Equipment lists for each, tips.

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NIMS Incident Command System Field Guide

The new NIMS: Incident Command System Field Guide(tm) provides instant access to critical key points of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) that can help you make decisions fast. Combine this guide with your NIMS training and feel confident that your NIMS compliance requirements are met. This 3" x 5" reference guide clearly and concisely outlines what you need to know about NIMS objectives, whether you're at the local, state or federal level or in private industry. The all-hazards, non-jurisdictional or discipline specific guide also provides responsibilities and checklists for applying the Incident Command System (ICS). Color-coded tabs put NIMS compliance information at your fingertips. Tough, waterproof, and alcohol-fast, this handy guide can be used for NIMS and ICS training, during training and functional exercises, and on incident responses. This guide is an essential tool for every team member responding to any national incident that requires command coordination.

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Staying Alive Video

The RQ3 Staying Alive film is a must for all water professionals! Whether you use it as a training aid or as a new and updated addition to your rescue training/resource library, it is an essential tool for understanding the latest in rescue techniques. Fore instructors, this video will enhance your teaching process and increase students' comprehension of hydrology, rescue organization, rescue techniques, and equipment. As an informational tool, it also contains many scenes of live footage and actual rescues. the latest in rescue techniques and many scenes with live footage of actual rescues.

45 minutes

Available in VHS or DVD format

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