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Aqua Strobe LED

Aqua Strobe LED features simple, reliable twist operation to activate this AA battery powered light, and yet also prevent accidental activation. Buoyant cone keeps the light pointed up whether underwater or at the surface. Attached to your BC, tank or anchor line, Aqua Strobe LED is sure to grab attention. Also suitable for attachment to PFD for paddlers and anybody else who prefers to keep their aquatic activities topside.

Includes: Alkaline Battery, Velcro Strap & Lanyard

Colors: Red, Yellow

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Pelican 2130 Mini Flasher

An awesome strobe from Pelican. This strobe is small, bright and will attach to just about anything. Perfect whether you are a boater or just need a strobe so people don't hit you with their cars.

Super bright LED beam with red lens can be seen from over half a mile away.
Submersible to 500 feet make this strobe perfect for boaters and divers.
Two coin cell batteries will power this light for up to 130 hours (included).

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Petzl Pixa 3 Headlamp

The Pixa headlamp is Petzl’s newest, most versatile light yet. The three lighting modes include a wide angle beam for short range work, a focused beam for long range spotting, and a combination beam for movement and searching. The Pixa also comes with three mounting options, either on the included elastic headstrap, directly on a Vertex or Alveo helmet with the included mounting plate, or free standing on the integral 1800 swing back plate.

On 2AA batteries (included) burn time is 3 hrs on high (78 meters), 6 hrs on medium (40 meters), and 12 hours on low (17 meters).
Splash resistant.
Weight with batteries: 10 ounces.

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Princeton Tec Meridian LED Strobe Light

Compact and bright, the Princeton Tec Meridian LED Strobe lets you pick a white or red flashing light that can be seen for over a mile.

Waterproof down to 328 feet (100 m).
LEDs send out 100 lumens of light and give you a max burn time of 100 hours on three AAA alkaline batteries (included).

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Princeton Tec Quad Tactical MPLS

4 white LEDs with wide lighting pattern; always turns on in low; includes military NVG adapter plate, MOLLE bracket, headstrap and red, blue and green filters.

Output: 60 lumens high
Battery Type: AAA
Run Time: 1 to 110 hours
3 brightness levels; includes red, blue and green filters

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Princeton Tec Sector 7 LED

This pistol grip spotlight packs 700 lumens. The trigger switch is easy to use with gloved hands. The switch locks out to prevent accidental illumination and battery drain, while in transit or storage. The trigger switch has been redesigned for momentary “on” via a half pull and constant “on” via a full pull.

Requires 8 C-cell batteries (included) that provide 30 hours of burn time.
700 Lumens.

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Rescue Strobe

The Rescue Strobe is the easy, affordable way to locate or see rescuers at night or in low light. This compact and versatile safety strobe can be used to provide added visibility during evening/night time training drills and or incidents.

This strobe provides up to 250 hours of on-time and can be set to either constant ON or FLASHING. The locator light includes a handy carabiner clip for attaching to a collar D-Ring, backpack strap, belt loop, or any collar strap up to 1 inch wide.

The Rescue Strobe is waterproof and submersible to 25 feet.

Colors: Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Green

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UST See-Me 1.0 Strobe Flashlight LED

The UST See-Me 1.0 Strobe personal locator light strobes 60 times per minute for maximum visibility in all directions. On the trail or on the water, it’s the perfect companion for your pack or PFD ensuring you can be located quickly in an emergency situation.

Lifetime LED bulb never needs to be replaced.
Provides 28 lumens of light.
Runs for 44 continuous hours on.
Waterproof IPX7.
Visible 2.7 miles (4.3 km) on a dark, clear night which exceeds USCG requirements of 1 nautical mile (1.9 km) visibility.
U.S. Coast Guard-approved.

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UST See-Me 2.0 Strobe Light

Being seen on the water can be a matter of survival. The UST See-Me 2.0 Strobe Light exceeds the US Coast Guard visibility standard. It turns on automatically when submerged and can be manually activated.

Requires two AA alkaline batteries (not included), which give 120 hours of light.

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