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JP Series

Caviness® has solved your storage problems with a quality take-down paddle that does more for you than meet regulations. The JP Series Synthetic paddle has an aluminum reinforced high-impact plastic blade, and a super strong aluminum shaft that is fully clad with 1/16 inch of black plastic.

The JP is available with 7 dazzling corresponding blade and grip colors.

Blade & Grip Colors
• Beige
• Black
• Blue
• Green
• Red
• White
• Yellow

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SP Series

The SP Series of Synthetic Boat Paddles has all the durability features of those found in our 1000 Series Canoe Paddle but with a 6 1/8 inch blade width that meets the demand of the traditional boat paddle consumer. The shaft is fully clad in plastic and color matched to our aluminum reinforced high-impact plastic blade.

The SP is practically maintenance free and is sure to please the avid user. It has color matched blade, shaft, and grip. Solid color only.

Note: Neon Orange and Olive Drab are only available in 4’ and 5’ lengths.

• Beige
• Black
• Neon Orange
• Olive Drab
• Yellow

Blade Dimensions:
22" x 6-1/8" (4’-6’)
14” x 6-1/8“ (under 4’)

Shaft Diameter: 1-1/8”

Approximate Weight: 28 oz. (5’)

Available Lengths: 2-1/2’ - 6’  in 6" increments

Grip Type: “Palm” or “T”

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The TP3365H has the same specifications as the TP3164G, except the T-grip is replaced with our black boat-hook head. With its internal cam locks, the TP3365H can telescope and lock at any length from 33 to 65 inches. The high impact plastic blade is designed for an unbelievable amount of abuse.

Available only as shown.

Blade Dimensions: 15-3/4" x 6-3/4"

Shaft Diameter:
1st Stage: 1-1/8"
2nd Stage: 1'

Available Lengths: 33"-65" Telescoping

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Kwik Check Gauge (for Boston Valves)

This gauge will fit most of the BOSTON type valves in float tubes, belly-boats, and may pontoon-type water crafts.

This gauge comes with a ring-style adaptor that may be needed on some versions of vales. Slide the ring adaptor onto the gauge tube body with the thickest portion of the ring facing upward. Make sure the ring is snug.

Insert the pronged end of the gauge into the valve firmly to get the pressure reading.
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Kwik Check Standard Gauge

Air pressure gauge that works on Leafield, Halkey-Roberts, Summit and most “knock-off”valves. Most inflatable manufacturers have a recommended P.S.I. . Do you know what yours is? Now you can read it accurately and easily. It will help protect your investment and you will be surprised to see how much better your craft will perform when inflated properly. Durable, easy to use and priced right.
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K-Pump Mini

Ultra compact and very quick.  Works great on Kick-boats, Kayaks pontoons or almost any inflatable craft.  Don’t let the size fool you… this is a highly effective pump that is built in the K-Pump tradition.   Weight. Slightly less than 1 lb.  14” x 3” in length.
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K-Pump model K100

The model K100 is without doubt the most compact, easy to use, high volume pump you could ever own. It weighs slightly over 2 lbs. and measures 3” by 22”. If you value space and stowability without sacrificing performance, this is your pump. It easily outperforms foot pumps and the standard “two way” barrel pumps in volume and ease of operation. The model 100 has fast become a favorite with a wide range of users such as: inflatable kayakers, float tubers, pontoon boaters and yacht tenders. With the included adaptors you can use the pump on most air mattresses as well. If you are searching for a pump that is: very compact, easy to stow, high volume, easy to operate and very durable, this pump's the best value for your money. Don’t buy ANY pump until you have compared it to a K-Pump.
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K Pump Model K20

This has been called a real "game changer" by  the SUP manufacturers because of it's compactness, durability but most of all because it's super easy to achieve those high p.s.i. levels; up to 25 p.s.i.. 

This is a true two-stage pump, with a high volume (low pressure) mode that helps "shape up" your board quickly. The high volume mode  starts to "stall out" at around 6 p.s.i..  then with a simple twist of the wrist you switch to the high pressure mode that is unbelievably easy to stroke yet capable of achieving  those high pressures easily.
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K-Pump Model K200

The model K200 is a new model in 2005. It weighs in at 2 lbs. 8 oz. and measure 3” by 32”. It has almost double the volume of the Model 100 and is designed to be the best pump for “topping off” you have ever seen. There simply are no equals... This is a “must” pump for all rafts, cata-rafts and pontoon crafts because you can stand upright when using it. The stroking action is effortless, yet highly efficient. There is simply no comparable pump that will produce as much air volume with less effort. Commercial river guides acclaim this pump to be about as valuable as their floatation jackets. If you have a back problem, this is “your” pump! A quick demonstration at a K-Pump dealer will quickly prove its value. This pump will sell itself if you just try it.
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K-Pump Model K40

This is the pump for you if you have an “IK” or a “kickboat”. The goal in the development of the K-40 was to make a more compact version of the K-400 so that it could be stowed when space is limited. Only 24” in length and weighing only 3 ½ lbs the K-40 still produces 70% of the volume per stroke of his bigger brother the K-400. The K-40 is also fitted with a unique handle/sling strap which makes it easy to pump and easier to transport. Like all K-Pump models, it comes with a stowage bag, assorted adaptors and a sample tube of K-Pump Lube. synthetic lubricant. The K-40 like the K-400 will work on most all valves including the older “military valves”.
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K-Pump Model K400

Finally! The innovative breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!

A "hybrid"! Two pumps in one - The K-400! Now two pumps and two people (or one person with three hands) can be replaced by one person with a K-400. No more waiting for a friend to hold that “hose” and no more extra cost for a secondary “top-off” pump. The K-400 is the only true two-stage pump available. Extensive field-testing (what river guides affectionately call “trying to destroy”) contributed to the innovative design, durable construction and exceptional performance of the K-400. It will prove to be the best all-purpose pump you can own.
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Throwbag Snag Plate

The Throwbag Snag Plate offers rescuers a simple, intuitive way to capture a rope which is already in the water. Simply pull the pre-attached device out of the bottom of the bag to expose the four specially shaped catch points and throw. The Snag Plate is easily stuffed into the bottom of a throwbag and does not interfere with normal bag use.

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Cinch Rescue Collar

The Cinch Rescue Collar is a multi-use floating rescue device offering security and simplicity for the victim as well as versatility for the rescuer. The Cinch Collar was designed for swiftwater, blue water, high rise, cliff, and confined area rescues from land, helicopter or watercraft platforms. A first line rescue device, the Cinch Rescue Collar allows the victim to enter the collar from either side of the loop. Once the victim has entered the collar, the rescuer exerts tension to the rope, automatically "cinching" the collar snugly without squeezing the victim's chest for a safe, secure extrication.

Weight: 3.5 lbs.

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River X Rescue Board

The River X Rescue Board is an advancement in technology, function and durability over existing river rescue boards. The highly durable, molded, monolithic polyethylene shell (a hollow core with a vent/drain plug that is made of the same materials as kayaks) offers a seamless board that will retain its shape after use. The concaved deck with elbow wells offers stability and leverage so you feel like you are riding "in it" rather than "on it." Adequate rocker and channels on the bottom surface work like little surfboard fins, allowing the rider to have more control. They allow you to carve directional turns in order to go where you want. There are multiple holes in the hull (nose and tail) for rope attachments and the deck is padded with 3/8" thick PVC, which is very comfortable and has good traction. Multiple handgrips outline the board perimeter and the webbing and threaded attachment points are rated at 5,000 lbs. for pullout strength. This is an ideal board for swiftwater and ice rescue.


120 lbs. flotation
Color: Yellow/Black
Weight: 18 lbs
Dimensions: 55" x 24" x 4"

Note: This board is NOT designed to be attached to a PWC!

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NRS Cargo Net without Straps

Our cargo net is one of the most versatile rafting accessories on the river. It can be secured over the top of your load to keep gear in the boat, or hung between two crossbars to create a cradle for loose gear. Built with a border of 2" webbing for strength and strap-on points for securing miscellaneous gear.

Sizes: Small: 60" x 80"
Large: 70" x 90"
Large nets are for boats 16 feet or longer

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Mustang 24" Ring Buoy with Reflective Tape

Molded from high-impact linear, low density polyethylene (LDPE), Mustang Survival's life rings are designed for superior life expectancy in the most harsh environments

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Stearns Ring Buoy

Industrial Ring buoy measuring 24" (61cm) or 30" (76 cm). Molded from tough polyurethane plastic, this heavy-duty ring buoy resists common chemicals, marine oils and UV rays. Encircling rope is replaceable. Color: orange with reflective tape.

Weight: 24" 4.9 lbs. (2.2 kg) - 30" 7.1 lbs. (3.2kg).
Made in U.S.A.

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Pelican Float Marker Recovery System

The Pelican Float Marker Recovery System is a reusable integral marker float with a 100' tether line (225 lb. test line) and quick-release anchor that can be dispatched from the surface or underwater. Neutrally buoyant underwater. The float is bright yellow with dayglow red rings for high visibility. Essential for dive rescue teams, but also an excellent item for boat patrols, river rescue work or body recovery marker.

Color: Yellow

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Crossline Reach Safety System

The Reach System is for people working in or around water to make their job safer, whether professional rescuers, whitewater rafters, or kayakers. The Reach System does one simple but important job: securely captures another line from afar. When the Reach is thrown across any line, rope or cable, it will automatically clip and capture that line as securely as a carabiner. The system weighs less the 24 oz. and can be attached to any PFD, belt or boat. Designed to capture up to 1/2.in rope.

Reach System has three main components:
60' of Spectra polypropylene floating line (2,000 lb. test)
Specially designed Reach Bag with built-in tether/tow function
Revolutionary Reach Device with Cross, Clip and Capture action

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Crossline Reach Retrofit Kit

The Crossline Reach Retrofit Kit adds line capture functionality to any standard throwbag and can be attached to any rope up to 3/8". It is designed to capture up to 1/2" rope.

The kit comes with:
Reach Device
Capture Plate
Capture Ball
Rope Clip
Instructions for Use

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RQ3 Mark V Hose Inflation System

The RQ3 Mark V Hose Inflation System is fast becoming standard with a lot of swiftwater teams. When the hose is filled with air it floats and remains rigid enough to be passed to a victim or across a stream.

Kit includes:
2-1/2" NH Standard female aluminum hose cap with tie down for securing safety lines.
2-1/2" NH Standard male aluminum hose cap with standard quick disconnect to attach filler hose. There is also a tie down on this end for securing a safety line.
Pressure relief valve set at 35 - 40 lbs. for safety.
Shield to protect fittings.
SCBA high pressure valve and wheel with hose so you can fill from your own high pressure SCBA bottles.
Powder coated for durability.
Custom storage and carrying case.

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Oceanid RDC Swiftwater Rescue Boat

The RDC (Rapid Deployment Craft) is the safest, most durable, easy-to-use inflatable rescue boat ever made. It works in so many applications that this may be the only rescue boat your organization needs. Designed to take the stress of work in demanding, water-related rescue situations.

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SHERRIL, Big Shot Complete Line Throwing Kit

Everything you need to throw a 2mm line 100 to 300 feet (30-91M) over land or water. Assembly is quick and simple. Will throw a lightweight line up to 300 ft. (91M) horizontally. Deluxe Kit includes: Big Shot Head, 2- 4 ft. (1.2 M) mounting poles to make an 8 ft. (2.4 M) pole, 1 line rod and reel, 250 ft. (76 M) of 200 lbf. (.88 kN) Spectra line and a carrying case.

Weight 15.1 lbs. (6.8 kg).
Made in USA

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