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Akua Rescue Knife

The Akua River Knife features a blunt tip and attaches easily and securely to your PFD lash tab, deck bag or belt. The blunt tip won’t puncture inflatables and works as a screw/pry tip for riverside food prep and quick fixes. The smooth, stainless steel blade is especially useful for cutting fish and lures. When the situation arises, quickly release the knife and cut your way free with the serrated blade. Whether you’re paddling, diving or on a rescue, be ready with a sturdy knife and rescue tool at your fingertips.

Color: Yellow

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Stohlquist Squeeze-Lock Knife

The Stohlquist Squeeze-Lock Knife is the best water rescue safety knife ever. The sheath fits well on pfd accessory square patches or you can use hardware included to mount it anywhere. The sheath is made of tough plastic unlike some kayak knives with brittle sheaths that break when caught on things. The real genius of this knife's design is that in order to pull the knife out from the sheath you Stohlquist have to squeeze the handle inward from both sides at once. This squeeze is natural when gripping the knife, but it is virtually impossible for the knife to fall out accidentally (and we've lost lots of other pfd knives that because they fell out of their sheath). The design of the knife is great too. It has a blunt tip (good for prying or using as a screwdriver in an emergency), a sharp straight edge on one side and a serrated edge on the other side plus a line cutting hook. All combined these features make the Squeeze Lock the best raft, river and sea kayak rescue knife. Get one, and mount it on your PFD so you'll have a knife when you need it.

Color: Yellow, Red

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Gerber River Shorty Knife

The Gerber River Shorty is a single-edged knife that features a serrated edge and a blunt tip to prevent accidents during rescue. The high density composite handles have a large, comfortable grip and the molded friction release sheath clips conveniently to a belt or lash tab. This little guy is a water rescuer's best friend.

Color: Black
Length: 6-5/8"
Weight: 4 oz.

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NRS Pilot Knife

The NRS Pilot Knife has a stainless steel blade with both a smooth and serrated section. In addition the blade has a rope cutting hook and the blunt safety tip can double as a screwdriver. The handle of the knife has a glass breaking tip, an oxygen tank wrench, and a bottle opener. The unique sheath securely locks the knife in place and only releases when you squeeze both sides of the release. The pilot will also clip securely to a PFD lash tab for easy access.

Colors: Black or Orange
Knife Size: 7-1/4 in.
Blade: 3.in

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NRS Co-Pilot Knife

The Co-Pilot Knife shares many of the same impressive features as the NRS Pilot Knife, except its compact design allows it to fit on smaller PFD without adding bulk. It has the same stainless steel blade with both a straight and serrated section. The blunt tip can double as a screwdriver and the unique sheath securely locks the knife in place and releases only when you squeeze both sides of the release. Even with its compact stature this little knife does the job!

Colors: Black or Yellow
Knife Size: 5-3/4 in. Blade: 2 in.

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Schrade Water Rat Adventure Knife

Back by Popular Demand! This knife was designed for the most rugged activities such as water rescue. Along with the features outlined below, this knife comes with an indestructible Delvin sheath, with sure-locking and push button release. Strap it to your ankle or PFD.

Other Features Include:
Sure-Grip handle
Blunt tip
Sure-lock sheath
Color: Orange

Overall Length: 7-1/8"

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Emergency Seat Belt Cutter

This knife is the safe way to cut rope and web without having an exposed blade. Will cut flat or tubular web up to 1/4" thick, and most ropes up to 5/8" (with sharp blades). Set of replacement blades comes in the handle.

Color: Yellow

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Adjustable Auto Window Punch

This easy-to-use tool features a lightweight corrosion resistant aluminum barrel with knurled finish, and a hardened steel point for dependable punching power.

Dimensions: 5-1/2"x5-1/8"

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The Personal Rescue Tool For Auto Accidents and Emergencies!
Small enough to fit on a key chain, the Res*Q*Me easily cuts through seat belts and breaks side and rear automobile windows. Using a concealed spring, less than 12 lbs. (5 kg) of force is needed. The Res*Q*Me is safe to carry in your pocket or purse.
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