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RIVERx Rescue/Ice Board

The River X Rescue Board is an advancement in technology, function and durability over existing river rescue boards. The highly durable, molded, monolithic polyethylene shell (a hollow core with a vent/drain plug that is made of the same materials as kayaks) offers a seamless board that will retain its shape after use. The concave deck with elbow wells offers stability and leverage so you feel like you are riding "in it" rather than "on it." Adequate rocker and channels on the bottom surface work like little surfboard fins, allowing the rider to have more control. They allow you to carve directional turns in order to go where you want. There are multiple holes in the hull (nose and tail) for rope attachments and the deck is padded with 3/8" thick PVC, which is very comfortable and has good traction. Multiple handgrips outline the board perimeter and the webbing and threaded attachment points are rated at 5000 lbs. for pullout strength. This is an ideal board for swiftwater and ice rescue (optional ice rails available for boards that are 2010 and newer).

120 lbs. flotation
Color: Yellow/Black Weight: 18 lbs.
Dimensions: 55" x 24" x 6"
NOTE: This board is not designed to be attached to a PWC

Stabilicers Anti-Skid Soles

Stabilicers™ provide the traction you need to walk, lift, carry or even run on glare ice, reducing injuries in severe winter rescue conditions. Designed with Velcro® fasteners to allow easy attachment over almost any boot or sole. 34 case-hardened, replaceable steel cleats in Vibram® soles bite into ice and snow increasing safety and maneuverability.

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Pick-of-Life Ice Awls

Pick-of-Life awls are for self-rescue, allowing you to crawl on top of the ice using the picks as traction. You can also slide them to someone who has fallen through the ice.

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Ice Screw With Knob

The finest performing ice screw on the market with exclusively designed parabolic shaped threads that have achieved some of the highest pull-out strengths possible. They are carefully turned and machined from steel, nickel plated and affixed with a heat-treated, grain-aligned hanger that is large enough to be clipped with two carabiners. Each screw is also equipped with the Speed Grinder Knob system making them always accessible; no collapsing, folding or rigging accessory spinning handles necessary. With the exclusive thread pitch and tooth pattern, you can be confident in their holding power.

IR1580 = 11cm (4.33")
IR1585 = 22cm (8.66")

IR1580 = 3oz
IR1585 = 5.9oz

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First Watch RS-1000 Ice Rescue Suit

This is the First Watch Ice Rescue Suit.Rescue professionals need gear that allows them to respond safely and quickly to emergency situations. the RS-1000 Ice Rescue Suit has been engineered to don quickly for cold water/ice rescue operations. This universal shell that is stitched and taped for the ultimate in durability. A snapout, internal laminated nylon/foam liner allows the user to easily slip teh suit on and off.

It has ben desigend as system to meet the safety, mobiliy and comfort needs of the rescue professional. The RS-1000 stows easily into its quick release bag that features an external mesh accessory pocket.

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