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RQ3 Pick Off Strap by Yates

The new RQ3 Pick Off Strap allows a resucer to quickly connect to the victim and then adjust the strap to the length that works best for the situation. The strap works well for positioning the victim for a lowering, rappel-based pick off, or assisted rappel. Thereis a loop on the end for a positive grip when pulling to adjust. The D-ring end is rated at 8,093 lbf (36kN) and depending on how the buckle is loaded will begin to slip between 3500 to 4500 lbf (15-20kN). Tying off at the buckle increases the strength of the strap.

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RQ3 Variable Anchor Strap by Yates

RQ3 Gear's Variable Anchor Strap features tough mil-spec hardware and webbing to produce a low slip anchor. Different sized buckles enable a rescuer to create a girth hitch around the object, placing the direction of pull along the buckle and carabiners' strong axes. A four foot range of adjustment makes for a wide range of usable anchors from small trees to large vehicle wheels.

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RQ3 Load Release Strap by Yates

RQ3s Load Release Strap by Yates is designed to make sizing and tying a load releasing hitch safe and uncomplicated. It allows you to release heavy loads in an easily controlled manner. The unique configuration will not allow the free end to slip past the D ring on the end of the strap.

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RQ3 Anchor Strap by Yates

RQ3 anchor straps by Yates are made from 1 3/4" mil-spec webbing, and all of the hardware on the anchor straps meets NFPA and military specifications. Our anchor straps come in four different lengths and have a D ring at each end. When you create an attachment to the D rings instead of the webbing there is less of a load put on the gate of the carabiner. These straps make for swift and sturdy anchors.

Rated Strength (end to end): 8,093 lbf. (36kN)
Color: Blue
Length: 3', 5', 7', 10'
UL Classified to NFPA 1983(2006)

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